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Book produced by: Quelli di Grock - Milan
Graphic design: CDCromo - Milan
Printed by: Edizioni Tecnografica – Lomazzo (CO), June 2013
Size 22x28 cm, 158 pages, 115 photos col / bn
Price € 25 - ISBN 9788896059241

The book is made with pictures taken during the period of my collaboration with the Milan based Company "Quelli di Grock" which began in 1992 and is still ongoing.
The company was founded in the 70's and the book tells a part of their story through my photos of their most important shows.
Start from “Caos”, the show perhaps best known at the international level, ending with the same show, renamed “Caos Remix”, entrusted to the new generation of actors, came from their school, which is an integral part of the company.
The introduction is written by photography critic Roberto Mutti (La Repubblica), followed by the writings of Antonio Calbi (Department of Culture Municipality of Milan) and Magda Poli (Critical theatrical Corriere della Sera) 



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