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Varanasi, on the edge of life
Situated on the banks of River Ganges,Varanasi is considered by some to be the most holy city in Hinduism. For Hindus in India, the Ganga is not just a river but a mother, a goddess, a tradition, a culture and much more. Some Hindus also believe life is incomplete without taking a bath in Ganges at least once in their lives. Many Hindu’s families keep a vial of water from the Ganges in their house. This is done because it is prestigious to have water of the Holy Ganga in the house, and also so that if someone is dying, that person will be able to drink its water. Many Hindus believe that the water from the Ganga can cleanse a person's soul of all past sins, and that it can also cure the ill. This city, especially along the banks of the Ganges, is an important place of worship for Hindus as well as a cremation ground.
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