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Futurism and Photodynamism

In this gallery I publish my research on the subject, preceded by some pictures taken in Milan, Piazzetta Reale (next to the cathedral), where, during the celebrations for the centenary of Futurism, the architect Italo Rota carried out the installation "Toy Building No. 1".

An historical outline
The Manifesto of  foundation of the Futurist Movement was published by the poet and editor Filippo Tommaso Marinetti for the first time on 5 February 1909 in the literary chronicles of the newspaper La Gazzetta dell'Emilia  and then on 20 February 1909, in the Parisian Le Figaro, thus achieving a prestigious international limelight.
This fact opens an unexpected revolutionary change on the face of the visual arts: the painting above all, as most of the signers was made up of painters, but also music, theatre, and cinema and photography .
In 1911 Anton Giulio Bragaglia wrote the book " Futuristic Photodynamism". With its "photodynamic" A. G. Bragaglia means to free photography from natural realism, so the dynamic photographs will not be "blurred", but "animated" in order to make the trajectory of the gesture, so to hit the movement itself in the moment it performs. The photodynamism must not be understood as a chrono-photography, it is not interested in playing, one after another, the timing of the gesture, but in giving the feeling of movement and its reconstruction.


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