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(da Rognoni Roberto, "Un viaggio lungo il Nilo, in Tutti fotografi, February 2004 PDF Version)

In no other country in the world is it possible to have such a journey through more than 4.000 years of history. I had it on a boat, which slowly sails the Nile from Luxor to Assuan. The itinerary is of great photographic interest, especially if made in the right season.


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Herodotus wrote that “Egypt is a gift of the Nile”. It’s along this river that the majority of the Egyptian population lives and on its banks we can find traces of one of the greatest civilization of the earth: from the gigantic pyramids, to the decorated temples and tombs frescoed by extraordinary artists; everything miraculously came to us, but unfortunately modern civilization is now undermining the state of preservation of these wonderful creations.

Also if you think you know these places, through documentaries on television or the articles published in magazines, I can assure that it’s impossible to describe the emotion you feel in front of these magnificent human works. The atmosphere is really magic.

Photographic suggestions are numerous, provided you look for them. In Egypt, people are warm and available to be photographed in exchange for a tip.

The cruise on the Nile allows a greater detachment, which is necessary for shooting aspects of daily life on Nile’s banks.

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