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(da: Rognoni Roberto, "Deserto e dintorni. Suggerimenti sul campo per un itinerario fotografico in Tunisia", in Tutti fotografi, January 1999 - PDF Version)

Many “tour operators” organise this itinerary in the south of Tunisia. This region, far from the usual seaside resorts developed in line with western models, has different environmental characteristics, going from sand and salt desert to mountain oases, old Berber and Bedouin villages, where old folk traditions are still evident, even though co-existing with the progress of modern civilisation.


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From these short notes, it is clear that the tour can satisfy all photographers’ expectations.

Here they can find many situations, mostly connected to landscape, which are rare for such narrow areas (only about 1300 km. covered on the route).

It is also possible to shoot the moments of daily life, because the people are friendly and available to photographers, if they work with kindness and discretion.

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