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(da Rognoni Roberto, "Islanda: terra di ghiaccio e fuoco", in Tutti fotografi, March 2003. PDF Version)

Ice and fire, in continuous opposition, are the elements that characterize Iceland’s landscape and make it incredible and unique.


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A paradise for photographers who will find here borderline situations: the dazzling white of glaciers, the deep black of lava, the bright colours of the houses, the emerald green of volcanic lakes, the yellow and red of volcanic ashes, the blue of the ocean, and the various colours of boiling mud.

On the other hand, when it’s raining, the landscape becomes grey and gloomy, but with a blast of wind the sun “paints” chromatic situations of great emotional impact.

And, in summertime, everything can be photographed for almost 24 hours!

In short, nowhere as in Iceland is there so deep a link between nature and landscape.

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