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How to Photograph Landscape
(da: Rognoni Roberto, Fotografare il paesaggio, in Tutti fotografi, July-August 2001. PDF Version)

Landscape is one of the subjects that amateur photographers like best, because it offers many opportunities for achieving impressive images without excessive care on the part of the photographer.

He need only look for a right location where to be at the right time and generally, he will be able to come back to his favourite subject in search of the desired result.

In any case, the ease of the subject could create some difficulties for a “committed” photographer”, who is looking for expressive values and original meanings in his photos.


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Expressive values and meanings

Photographing landscape, a static subject in a natural environment, means the choice of shot point, framing, perspective, lighting and elements are to be included in the field of vision.

All this requires an attentive study of the scene to be shot, which excludes improvisation and superficiality.

That’s why the majority of photos taken during organized travel, in countries where subjects are interesting, generally don’t give very satisfactory results, from the expressive point of view.

In the practise of landscape’s photography, we must find a right compromise between technique, form and contents, so that the final result is in keeping with what the author wants to express.

Technique cannot be the only purpose of the photograph, but it must be the means to emphasize the expressive contents of the image.

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