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The Book (1982)

Edited by "Circolo Culturale San Donato Milanese"
Project and Editing: Roberto Rognoni
Text: Maria Antonietta Aveni Casucci
Design: Giuseppe Carlacchiani


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(by Luigi Sassetti, "Circolo Culturale San Donato Milanese" President.
from the introduction to the book)

Our Club has established with the elderly of S. Donato Geriatric Centre a dialogue and an interactive relationship that has been going on for many years.

From this collaboration sprang the initiative of our Club’s photographic department, way back in 1979, of collecting and selecting “images to be saved” from San Donato’s citizens’ family albums.

We wanted to portray our initiative as research on the social and cultural origins of present-day S. Donato citizens through photography and at the same time the testimony of by-gone customs.

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