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ROBERTO ROGNONI's photographic research

The catalogue (1994)
Under the auspices of the S. Donato Local Authority Committee and the ENI Group Social Club
Design: Gieffe Edizioni
Printed: Arti Grafiche San Giuliano

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Theatrical image as narrative element.

Eleonora Marino (from the introduction to the exhibition’s catalogue)

Definite, steady images, never documentary, engraved by a highly contrasted black and white. Roberto Rognoni’s photos, of unusual visual intensity, capture the most important moments of the shows performed from 1977 to 1988, and are instinctively selected for their strong visual impact.

Rognoni has been able to capture meaning of gesture and overall context by wise utilisation of shots and lighting.

The choice of black and white is justified by the conviction that “the use of colour cannot add anything to the message and the personal interpretation that a photographer can give through the theatre”.

Therefore, as Rognoni says, “photography is the image of another image”, “but the message included in the photograph can have his own stamp” renouncing “the suggestion of an autonomous vision of the show”. In addition, the images increase their fascination precisely because of their autonomy and uniqueness.

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