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A roaming extravaganza of the new women's scene
Dance - Theatre Festival edited by "Teatro delle Moire"
Artistic directors: Alessandra De Santis, Attilio Nicoli Cristiani.
Project co-ordination and collaboration: Luca Monti

The Catalogue (2003)
Conception - Teatro delle Moire
Coordination and text - Luca Monti
Design - Silvia Moscati
Photos - Roberto Rognoni


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(from the introduction of Festival’s catalogue)

Danae is in its fourth year and appears with new ideas, energy and subtitles. At the end of the last edition, we, as organisers, were satisfied, but challenged by the difficulties we met.

… the end the longing to do and affection for our creation prevailed, also because of the presence of new people and ideas. Themes, traces, and signals have become extra roaming events of the new women’s scene to spotlight, this year, railway depots, shop windows, culture and service sites, undertaking the way that always interested us: presenting theatre and dance events outside conventional sites

Research themes are still the same, exploring a mainly feminine area between theatre and dance, supporting young actors with successful artists together, studying the relationships between different arts, combining feeling and emotion, the visual, sound, theatrical movement, and the limit of the body and consciousness of the space it occupies.
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