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ROBERTO ROGNONI - Images of Images

Photos and design: Roberto Rognoni
Layout and print: Immedia Arezzo
This is the catalogue of the exhibition promoted by Culture Committee of San Donato Administration and exhibited in the Contemporary Art Gallery – Cascina Roma in November 2004, sponsored by FIAF – Italian Federation of Photographic Associations.


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In this exhibition I tried to make a summary of my theatre photographic research on the theatre from 1977 up to today, after verifying progress periodically in exhibitions and publications.

This exhibition is divided into three sections:
Theatre&Image research, first presented in 1994 and carried out with the performances of companies that have written the story of theatre, updated till today with the performances of young emerging groups in contemporary research theatre.

Professional work, as theatre photographer, with “Quelli di Grock” Company and Moire’s Theatre for Danae Festival in Milan.
Digital photography experimentation, started in 1998 and applied to the theatre subject in this exhibition. Many photos of the exhibition are already visible in various portfolios in my web site. In this folder you find only six photos not included in the other folders.

The presentation of my exhibition has been written by Cesare Colombo, important photographer and photography historical.


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