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Sordini's Artistic Foundry Novate (Milan province)
With the “democratic revolution”, art lost its fascination connected to the intrinsic value of materials. So artists decided that their works must also be connected to contemporary materials, choosing glass resins, electronics, synthetic and waste materials. So the foundry, one of the most interesting locations connected with art, is disappearing. 


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However, some artistic foundries still exist in Milan and its province. A few families, with difficulty, continue the ancient alchemy of fusion, strictly connected with the artists that still decide to make use of expensive metallic alloys, mostly bronze.

Armando Riva, a sculptor friend, gave me the opportunity to take part in this extraordinary experience in this timeless space, romantic and infernal at the same time. A space where man fights against heat, smoke, dust, with passion. His only target: the creation of artistic work.

In these photos I would like to document the atmosphere, some stages of the work in progress and report my intense emotions. I wish to thank to all the persons that gave me the opportunity to live such an experience.

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