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From darkroom to bright room
These images have been carried out to test the technical and expressive possibilities of digital technology.

Images to be considered singly, and designed for communication, enjoyment or astonishment, being inspired by the language of advertising and fashion photography.



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Some photos have come from traditional shots and then have been digitally processed by means of various techniques; other photos have been directly made by means of a digital camera.

Developing these images, I stint on imagination, I left myself go releasing all restraints, and I processed old traditional photos, adding vision-to-vision, changing themes and subjects according to my imagination.

Final result would like to be a surreal and oneiric transfiguration of images of reality. Images that want to live again, with ambiguity, in an unreal and imaginary new dimension.

I would like the observer to be curious about these “paintings” and to have fun looking at them in complete abandon, without preconceptions, even finding new meanings that I hadn’t thought of before.

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