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Danae Festival

Extra roaming events of the new female scene

In 1999, the "Teatro delle Moire" began DANAE, a theatre and contemporary dance project that took place in theatres and other areas in Milan.

The organizers wanted to provide women space and voice, because they are really convinced that it’s necessary to give more attention to feminine creativity that for them is really connected with the natural and creative energy and with the mystery of life.

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DANAE was conceived for these reasons.

DANAE, during various editions, has disclosed other vocations: DANAE has upheld the ideas of young highly individualistic artists.

DANAE had been and still is, very aware of the new artistic European movements, offering avant-garde productions and unique performances of young artists.

DANAE has presented performances that range from theatre to dance, using mediums that are often mixed so that it becomes impossible to give them exact definitions.

DANAE is interested in new forms of expression, DANAE is interested in artists that want to experiment following awkward and hard routes.

I present in this folder a small selection of the photos taken with a digital camera during public performances, from 2003 up to 2006, as the official theatre photographer.

Artistic directors: Alessandra De Santis e Attilio Nicoli Cristiani

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