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(da: Rognoni Roberto, "Fotografare a teatro", in Tutti fotografi, magazine, April 2000 - PDF Version)

Theatre Relationship

Theatre is a very complex cultural event, where message communication is sent through many different means.

As an immediate sensory experience, theatre is especially image, a continually changing transitory image, with its features of fiction and illusion.


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Of that image, the photograph can catch a look, a gesture, choreographic composition, movement’s action, scene space, lighting and properties.

Therefore, the show, the text of which is the most important part, can only with difficulty be interesting to the photographer.

Furthermore, we must consider that theatre is imitation of reality and that the photograph is also an image of reality.

Therefore, theatre photography is the image of another image. A double passage that produces a complicated communication and might be ambiguous to people seeing these kinds of images.

In my opinion, I think that these last comments don’t prevent theatre photography from becoming an autonomous means of expression and communication.

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